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Scraps Adventures

Children’s Book

A young adventurous girl Finnegan and her best pal Barkley stumble upon the adventure of their lives when they discover something in the garage.  What is that object out in their dad’s workshop?   Is their dad a treasure hunter?  Is he a secret agent?  What they discover sends them on an adventure they will never forget!

Product Information

Proceeds from this book will be donated to the Arizona Service Project. 

For more information about this organization please visit:

Scraps Kit

Build Your Own Scraps

The Scraps kit come complete with all the pieces and supplies you will need in order to build your very own Scraps!  Step by step directions along with pictures are included in every kit.  Build your very own Scraps and create whatever adventure you would like!

Product Information

Mission:    Arizona Service Project is a compassionate service organization, open to all people, striving to facilitate a healthy and stable learning atmosphere for the Avondale/Goodyear community through major, essential and effective home repair.

Vision:    Through strong community partnerships and committed volunteers and supporters, Arizona Service Projects strives to eradicate substandard housing in the Avondale school district, and to positively affect the community and all those whom the organization engages with.