One day in 2016 Scraps came to life in the workshop of the author, Jill Schoettes. Jill has always liked to be involved in many different activities. It wasn’t until later in her life when she became interested in woodworking. With the help of a few key people, Jill began to hone her woodworking skills. She noticed that there were always wood scraps leftover after her projects, thus leading to the creation of the figure, Scraps. With her involvement in the Arizona Service Project, Jill thought about how to bring Scraps to life through a children’s story to give to the families that AzSP serves. Illustrator, Gal Weizman, brought the characters and book to life. Scraps debuted at the 2019 AzSP service project week, where the kids and adults read the book and created their very own Scraps to take on many adventures. Now, Scraps is a hit in the local community and looking to expand into other communities to help raise money for AzSP! Not only does the story take you on an adventure with Scraps but also empowers children, and especially girls, that they can do anything like work in their dad’s workshops and build! Jill is so incredibly honored to know that her book is in the hands of many to spread her love of woodworking, reading, and learning!

Learn. Build. Give. #scrapsadventures