Gal Weizman

Gal is an extremely talented freelance illustrator, art director and visual designer, based in Jerusalem, Israel. She received her B.Des from Bezalel – Academy of Art and Design in 2011. Gal loves to illustrate animals and creatures, and her portfolio showcases her distinctive style across a range of work through various mediums: TV, print and interactive design. She brings her lovely creations to life with simple ideas and characters positioned in strange, funny and touching situations.  She enjoys a collaborative relationship with many agencies and studios, such as DM, Oddity, Rustica Editions and Nickelodeon Junior.  Gal would love to hear from you about any projects you think would be suitable for her, so please don’t hesitate to Say Hello:


Jill Schoettes

Jill Schoettes grew up in Chicago, Illinois with her two older brothers. She now lives in Arizona and is a dedicated educator.  Jill is a member of the Arizona Service Project that provides free, essential, and effective home repairs to families in need. She enjoys being in her garage working on wood projects, but one thing that will always bring her inside is a bowl of ice cream!